A bit about me

I am an almost 30 yr old female, married and  have 4 young children.

I am what my psychiatrist and various reports have written a highly functioning depressed person.

I mean – what does that even mean?

I constantly have these thought floating through my head and I love to write so I thought that perhaps a blog would be a good way to start.

Maybe there are other people out there like me who present one way on the outside while inside there is a whole other life happening. Where internally only very few trusted, if any, people are allowed limited access.

I work pretty much full time, I teach with a passion that I have for nothing else in my life. (Well besides my children..) I love it and that is evident in every part of my teaching. I have been teaching for 12 years and it is the career I always wanted to do.

Well I guess that is enough of an intro and I will write up more tomorrow.

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